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The research on medical marijuana is in, according to Dustin Sulak, DO. – When it comes to treating pain, and pain management from chronic, to inflammatory bowel to the pain of muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis, medical marijuana can make a difference

The research on its advantages for patients with epilepsy is clear. As far back as the 11th and 15th century, studies show that crude marijuana extracts provided relief in the treatment of convulsive disorders… prompting studies into its effect on Epilepsy

Does THC help Irritable Bowel Syndrome- It can help alleviate the symptoms which can include abdominal pain, stomach cramps, gas, weight loss and vomiting. The Mayo Clinic indicates that a precise cause is not known, but research does show some symptom relief from the use of medical cannabis.

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According to ALS News Today- Study reviews evidence supporting the use of cannaboids to treat ALS- though promising, more research is needed on humans to see just how effective it can be in symptom relief of spastic muscles.

Medical Marijuana-  How THC affects the brain can be seen via this step by step summary of the connection between our brains and EC – endocannabinoid system.