Doctors FAQ

As a doctor – what is my liability against recommending Medical Marijuana to my patients?

The new “Hippocratic Oath” adopted by the World Medical Association indicates that a doctor “will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat.” A doctor cannot be punished under federal law, Or investigated for recommending medical marijuana (Conant v. Walters, US Court of Appeals, 9th District)

Where do my recommendations end, ie dispensary or strain of marijuana?

A doctor cannot recommend dispensaries to use, or provide information on the acquisition of medical marijuana. A patient can review a directory listing to make that decision on this site by visiting our Find a Dispensary page.

How do I start the process as a medical doctor to be registered in the medical marijuana industry?

Create a physician profile at

What courses do I attend?

Once you are verified as having a medical license in good standing, with the Department of State, you will be required to attend a 4 hour training course, for which you can earn CME credits. A list of the approved training providers are:

How will patients find me as a registered physician?

Through PA Cannabis News, under the find a doctor directory or on the the Department of Health registry.

Where can I read more on the enforcement of federal law in states where medical marijuana is legal?