Caregiver FAQ

How and where do I register as a Medical Marijuana Caregiver?

You must first create a profile on the Patients and Caregivers registry on the PA Department of Health website:

Do I need to have a background check completed to be a medical marijuana caregiver?

Yes, you must have a clean background check in order to register on PA Department of Health site as a caregiver. You can apply for a background check at

How many patients can one registered caregiver represent?

A caregiver can represent a maximum of FIVE (5) patients.

How many registered caregivers can a medical marijuana certified patient have?

A medical marijuana certified patient can have a maximum of TWO (2) registered caregivers.

Can I purchase medical marijuana in another state and bring it back to PA as a registered medical marijuana caregiver under Safe Harbor?

Yes. You are permitted to buy medical marijuana outside the state that the patient is medically certified in. It must be in the same form of marijuana that it is allowed in the state of PA.

Where can I find the document to be designated a Caregiver in the state of PA?

Visit for documentation on how to be designated a Caregiver in the state of PA.

Where can I learn more about Safe Harbor status?

Visit to learn more about Safe Harbor status.