Welcome to PA Cannabis News…

For many years, our community has searched for answers, for treatment and for better solutions.

Today, the solution is available in the form of medical marijuana. Many of us had the opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief. At long last, sufferers of epilepsy, neuropathy, cancer, Crohns, irritable bowel syndrome, ALS and the many other qualifying conditions, their doctors, caregivers, parents and friends had hope. The hurdle still existed in what next steps look like: Where do I go to get a card? What do I tell my doctor? Where do I find a qualifying medical marijuana doctor? How do I locate a reputable dispensary?

So many questions existed that we, at PA Cannabis News, are providing a medical marijuana news and information portal to reach and educate the million plus residents who are looking for this information and new treatment options. During the course of the last year, we have learned that there is not an online portal designed specifically to inform people, to connect people with those solutions, and to alleviate the concerns of being prescribed medical marijuana. There was not a place with content for medical marijuana certified doctors to connect with patients or for medical marijuana dispensaries to share information. And so… welcome.

Being part of Advance Local, one of the largest media companies in the US, we have been able to identify audiences through our news sites and streamline those audiences to reach over 2.1 million unique readers in the state of Pennsylvania who have the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card or could be considered a potential caregiver. We have the ability to connect those with qualifying conditions to medical marijuana doctors, and doctors to dispensaries and the goods and services that are required to operate this business. We believe it takes a village to educate people with current information, so the movement continues to grow.

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